The Lowdown on the Latest Zero-Build Mode Frenzy

by | May 6, 2022

Fortnite chapter 3 season 2 came out last March 20 and with it came an interesting new game mode that’s here for a limited time only. Teased by a cinematic trailer featuring an appearance from Doctor Strange, this season has added in a new “zero build mode” to Fortnite

 That’s right, players who are used to throwing up walls and rapidly building tall structures to fight out of are in for a new challenge in Fortnite with zero build mode. However, some might wonder, with Fortnite becoming iconic for its building mechanics and unique gameplay, how can Epic games remove the one thing that sets its battle royale apart from the rest? Let’s talk about what players can expect from Fortnite’s zero build mode

What’s in store for players in the zero build mode in Fortnite

Every regular player logs-in to Fortnite ready to start harvesting resources and getting the fingers ready for another intense battle of building and shooting. But with this season’s new zero build mode in Fortnite, players are in for a different experience, changing the game’s pace. 

Whether solo, duos, trios, or squads, Fortnite’s zero build LTM is pretty self-explanatory, there’s just no building! With that, that means there’s no need to go around farming resources, putting extra emphasis on combat and firefights. Without the building mechanic, players are now forced to use prebuilt structures and the natural terrain as cover from enemy fire. This makes the game a true test of weapon, item, and traversal ability. 

Without building, all players have the recharging Overshield as their first line of defense in zero build mode. And without the ability to build a set of stairs to get to where you’re going, players will have to utilize Ascenders to access blimps or use Mantling to get to higher ground. Since you can’t build your cover, there’s also the new challenge of finding cover when you can and strategically using terrain to hide yourself from other players. For those hunting for kills, you might also find it a tad bit harder finding other players in the game, relying on the sound of gunfire to find your next kill. 

While some may think that taking out building makes Fortnite just like every other battle royale out there, that simply isn’t the case. Even without the ability to throw up walls and ramps, Fortnite’s zero build LTM provides a unique gaming experience that can be enjoyed by both new and veteran players. 

Zero build in Fortnite to become permanent? 

Although Fortnite’s zero build mode was released as a limited-time mode, its massive popularity among players new and old makes one think that Epic might consider keeping this mode. Whether or not you’re a fan of the new zero build Fortnite, there’s good news for you.

If you’ve been enjoying the no-build gameplay, then the good news is there’s a big chance this game mode is going to become a mainstay. Aside from all the hype that surrounds the mode, data miners have found evidence that Epic is planning on keeping the zero-build mode in Fortnite on a full-time basis. TweaBR said on March 21 that “the No Builds’ LTM that will be available after 8 days will be called ‘Solo–No Build Battle Royale.” No-building modes for duos, trios, and squads will also be available. HypeX corroborated this claim a few days later, saying there are “separate No-building modes that they can enable anytime” after the LTM, and also noted that most loading screen tips have been changed to say, “in modes with building enabled.” 

However, if you haven’t been enjoying the new mode, regular modes with building enabled are not going away and have been added back into the game after being disabled for a few days when the season first started. 

Catch Fortnite zero build action with The Fierce Diva 

Not quite sure if you’d enjoy the new zero build mode in Fortnite? Well the only way to find out is to try! Or if not, check out other gamer’s streams and see how the new modes play without having to sweat it out. See the new No-Build mode with LGBTQ Fortnite streamer, The Fierce Diva. Catch exciting gameplay and non-stop entertainment from The Fierce Diva when you tune into the Facebook Gaming stream. 

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