The Best Events that Have Happened in Fortnite So Far!

by | Apr 19, 2022

 Fortnite has been a hugely successful game for the last few years, and whether you play or not, you’ve probably heard about the game and maybe even seen a few clips or screencaps from Fortnite gameplay.

Aside from its quirky animation style, unique gameplay mechanics, and pop-culture infused skins and emotes, Fortnite is also known for its in-game events that draw in millions of players, old and new.

There have been several Fortnite events so far, so we’re here to recap some of the best in-game Fortnite events we’ve seen over the seasons.

Travis Scott’s Astronomical Event

One of the biggest Fortnite events so far has been Travis Scott’s Astroworld Fortnite event called Astronomical. This event was so popular that even non-players heard about this and either caught a stream on Twitch or Youtube, or maybe even fired up their game for the first time.

The event saw a giant Travis Scott via hologram performing some of his hits like ‘Anitdote’, ‘Goosebumps’ and tracks from his latest album like ‘The Scotts’. The event was soo popular, developers staggered multiple concerts across three days to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

Marshmello’s Concert

We can’t talk about the Astroworld Fortnite event, without the first concert to be held in Fortnite. This was the first time Fortnite had a real artist stage a virtual concert, while also introducing Marshmello as a skin.

Unlike the Astronomical event however, Marshmello actually dressed up on a mo-cap suit and performed both his music and voice in real time. The concert was also held in Pleasant Park and allowed players to jam with the DJ up on stage.

Live at Risky

Fortnite is known to have many tie-ins with other franchise and you usually see this manifest through skins, with players getting to play as famous characters like Maser Chief, Spiderman, John Wick, and the Mandalorian.

These tie-ins aren’t limited to skins, as was the case with Live at Risky that happened in the first season of Chapter 2. This was tied to the release of Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. This event featured some remarks by director J.J. Abrams and an exclusive clip of the upcoming movie along with a space battle over the map featuring the Millennium Falcon and a massive Star Destroyer.

Chapter 1 Events

Of course all of these listed Fortnite events so far wouldn’t be possible if not for all of the live events from Chapter 1. Starting Season 4, we saw something new happening in the map starting with the Meteor event in Season 3, the Blast-Off Event, the Cube Event in season 5 that turned the whole Loot Lake into a bouncy trampoline, the Butterfly Event, the Ice Storm and Earthquakes in season 7, and The Unvaulting Event in Season 8.

All of these events each had with them neat quirks that modified certain parts of the map and added cool little features that made gameplay a little more fun.

Most importantly, all these events in Chapter 1 revealed the story of Fortnite while explaining the different changes in the map or the addition of new features. It was a great way to provide a narrative to the battle royale, keeping things interesting while seamlessly introducing new things in the game.

The Final Showdown Event

And of course, the best in-game Fortnite event has to be the Final Showdown from Chapter 1 Season 9. With a storyline that has been building up over the past 8 seasons, fan theories were definitively proven (or disproved) with the Kong vs. Godzilla like battle between a Monster and a giant Mecha.

They moved all over the map, ripped at each other’s limbs, hurled rockets at each other, and destroyed parts of the map in the process. In the end, the Mecha came out on top and did a little floss before flying off into the night. It was a real sight to see in-game. To this day, nothing has been quite as epic as that final bat

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