Here’s the Top 5 Controllers for Easy Fortnite Gameplay this 2022

by | Apr 8, 2022

Been experiencing lackluster Fortnite gameplay on mouse and keyboard? Switch things up and check out the best controllers out there! Gone are the days of mouse and keeb gaming being king in FPS gaming, especially when controllers have been evolving more to cater to even pro level Fortnite gaming.

We compiled a quick list of controllers to check out if you want a more comfortable, seamless experience while playing Fortnite. Whether you’re duking it out with your console or gaming PC we got you covered with these top picks!

XBox Elite Wireless

What makes the XBox Elite Wireless stand out from its more conventional XBox controller counterparts? We’re glad you asked!

It’s more customizable for sure, which means you can tailor it more efficiently to suit your playstyle. It comes with four modular paddles, three different thumbsticks, and two D-pads. Plus, enjoy more customization with Hair Trigger Locks and a rubberized grip.

And the icing on the cake? You can download an app that enables you to customize your button mapping, thumbstick sensitivity, and more! Sharing with a significant other or BFF won’t be a problem either, ‘cause you can store two different profiles on the controller itself and switch whenever!

PlayStation 5 DualSense Wireless Controller

This is definitely one of the most immersive controllers on the market, so you don’t want to miss out on it if you want to feel more connected to what’s going on in-game!

The PS5 controller is famous for its receptive haptic feedback which can change depending on recoil from different weapons or other environmental factors. This is great for keeping you hyped and on your toes.

The built-in microphone and headset jack works well too, so you can fire up co-op without a hitch with friends.

DualShock 4

The more advanced a controller is, the pricier it gets too. And not every gamer has pockets deep enough to buy the most feature-pumped controller out there.

This is where the DualShock 4 can come along. It’s an old reliable that you can probably remember from early PlayStation heydays but that doesn’t mean it’s down for the count! This is also compatible with PC and mobile via the PS4 remote play app.

If you’re the type of gamer that just needs a controller you can rely on without an intense need for customization, take a chance on the DualShock 4.

HexGaming Rival

Need something that’s a little bit like the PS5 controller but more adaptable to competitive gaming? The HexGaming Rival is just the right controller for you!

From the company HexGaming, a Rival comes with 3 interchangeable thumbsticks you can swap out for the most precision while aiming. They are built to feel completely different from each other, so don’t worry about experimenting with what suits you best!

If you feel like more conventional controllers lack the buttons you need, the HexGaming Rival comes with two additional buttons you can mod to suit more commands while gaming.

Etpark PS4 Wired Controller

If you think the DualShock controller is the only budget king on this list, think again! For a fraction of the price, you can still enjoy receptive gaming with the Etpark PS4 Wired Controller.

Some gamers prefer wireless, while others want to feel more connected to their gameplay with a wired controller. It’s also got motion sensing technology that’s impressive on its own, with a three-axis accelerator and a three-axis gyroscope. This means that omnidirectional dynamic information is easily coursed through, such as Pitch, Roll, and Yaw.

Take note that this does not come with a headset and audio jack function, so you’ll have to connect directly to your device.

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